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About Us

Our company started back in 2007, started as one mans dream in Colorado, as a way to bring food to the table and economic stability for its family.

One truck, one driver managing finances and towing requests from home. As years went by, the company started to grow and my right hand became involved in this dream and process, helping me grow the business and become the company that we are today.

Allowing another 35 Driver families to feel stable and have food on their table based on the dream someone started so many years back.

Also we have other type of employees, office staff, yard attendants, marketing, etc helping us, standing by our side becoming part of our family and growing the company together.

Today 2019 we can be proud to mention that we have 45 of the lates flat bed models in our fleet and 35 of the best full time professional drivers striving to provide the best service around.
Providing services in 4 different states and in the move to conquer a bigger market specifically in the insurance trade.

Moving from one location to another over 30,000 vehicles (light duty, medium duty, heavy duty) nation wide.

EA Towing INC