We have the best tow trucks available in the market


Light Duty

As a company we have 30 light duty trucks for all car, trucks and motorcycle needs. To be more specific all needs of 10,000 lbs or less. Each of our trucks has an LCG platform (Low center gravity) providing more stability when towing vehicles. We have the best tow trucks available in the market to provide the best service in town.

Why use a light duty truck over something else:
This trucks are used for the majority of passenger vehicles (accidents) This type of trucks are easy to maneuver in small spaces. Such as garages, yards, homes, small parking spaces etc. Their size comes as a convenience to this situations in the event the automobile is in a hard to get space for its recovery.

Medium Duty

A medium duty vehicle grants us the oportunity as a company to move multiple light duty vehicles. With platforms measuring 30’ allowing us to transport 4 vehicles at the same time, without forgetting RV´s, marine, machinery, agricultural and comercial vehicles. This trucks can manage to move loads between 7,000 lbs. up to 17,000 lbs.

When to use Medium Duty:
This type of vehicles are selected when maneuverability is not an issue, or when several vehicles are headed to a specific location and time management is a priority. This trucks have a wide range of configuration including lowering platforms, landolls, low-profile trailers etc to fulfill costumers needs.

Heavy Duty

As a heavy duty towing service we manage to transport over length, over size and over with vehicles. This monster vehicles can tow a load greater than 17,000 lbs. This trucks can pull so much that they are required to have air brakes. and a special license to be driven.

When to use Heavy Duty:
This trucks are cable to pull vehicles that weight as much as this vehicle itself. We can pull just about anything. ranging from motor homes, buses, tractor trailers and other large vehicles. This vehicles can support any type of demanding situation including cement trucks with its entire load on board.